#1 - You are Referred to Envy by One of Our Vendors, Clients, or Envy Acquaintances

All of our associations at Envy are extremely valuable to us. So if one of our vendors, clients, or Envy acquaintances sends you our way, all you have to do is give us their name and let us know they referred to Envy. Then, once you sign up for management services, your first full month of management fees are completely FREE! We will take this savings off the first full month of management fees. To explain this better, at Envy we don’t collect any management fees during the vacancy period of the property. So, if a tenant moves in during the middle of the month, your management fees are pro-rated and only paid on the number of days the tenant was occupying the property. For example: if a tenant moves in on the 20th of the month, you only pay management fees from the 20th until the last day of the month. Your free month of management fees will be taken off the first full month the tenant is occupying the home. This is a huge savings for all of our clients.

#2 - You are a Current Client at Envy and You Refer Someone For Management Services

If you are a current client at Envy and know of someone who could benefit from the professional services we provide, just send them our way! We will then offer 1 month of free management fees for any referrals our current clients send us that sign up with Envy for property management services. If you have multiple properties with us, these savings will be applied to the property that collects the highest rent.

Free Management Fees