5 Steps to Turn Your Vacant Rental as Fast as Possible!

Hi, this is Tanya with Envy Property Management. There is a lot of behind the scenes work going on when your rental becomes vacant and today we are going to talk about the 5 steps we take at Envy to turn your vacant rental property as quickly as possible and ensure your property spends a minimum amount of days on the market between tenants. 

Being investors ourselves, all of us at Envy know that when your property is vacant, it is not making you any money and we have a streamlined 5 point process to get you back to making money as soon as possible. 

#1: When your tenant gives their notice to vacate, Envy will start the marketing process while the current tenant is still in the property to achieve minimum vacant days between tenants. We also use high quality professional digital photos so the property can sometimes rent itself online. 

#2: As soon as the tenant vacates Envy staff completes a thorough move-out property evaluation including 150-200 pictures to determine tenant responsible repairs vs normal wear and tear repairs. The Envy team then provides the owner with a line item estimate of any normal wear and tear items that should be taken care of during vacancy. This is important because we want the property to shine when prospective tenants walk through the home. We also want to make sure there aren’t any delays in the placement of a new tenant. 

#3: Once all the repairs have been documented, the Envy team gets to work immediately in getting the property turned and ready to go for the next tenant using our 20-point rent-ready checklist. This checklist includes everything from patching holes to replacing burnt-out lightbulbs. Oftentimes this can be done in a matter of just a couple of days. 

#4: While the home is vacant Envy walks the property every 7 days to ensure the property is in showable condition. Our maintenance technician will replace any burned out light bulbs, wipe down counters, sweep up any dirt, and remove papers and mail. We also ensure the yard care is being taken care of and snow is being removed if needed. If something needs attention our maintenance team will notify your property manager to make sure it is taken care of promptly. We ensure the home is in top condition and looks good to prospective tenants. 

#5: Our property managers perform a weekly review of your vacancy and make recommendations based on the number of showings and feedback from the showings. We can then determine the next steps to take to ensure you receive qualified tenants as quickly as possible. 

With a less than 1% eviction rate, our strict 20 point tenant screening process is proven to be the best around and is yet another reason you should choose Envy Property Management to manage your home. 

At Envy your success is our success, we provide professional property management for investors by investors. My name is Tanya with Envy Property Management, make sure you subscribe to receive more valuable information about your investment properties, and call us today to see how we can help you, 801-337-4337, or visit our website at www.envypm.com.