Moving Checklists


At Envy Property Management, we want to help our tenants to move with as little stress as possible. To help guide you through the process, we've created these simple moving checklists. Read through the information on this page and if you still have questions, don't hesitate to give us a call: (801) 337-4337

Move-in Checklist


Utilities must be scheduled to be turned on or transferred into your name on you lease commencement date. Our FREE concierge Utility Service, Citizen Home Solutions, will be contacting you by phone to help you setup your utilities. This is a free service to assist you with connecting utilities, cable, and internet according to your area. It is your responsibility to ensure your power, gas, water, etc. have been connected into your name by the start date of your lease agreement. This will ensure you do not have any disruption of utility services when you move in.

The Utilities Addendum will be sent to you separately via DocuSign and is due back BEFORE receiving keys to the property. Please input your account numbers for your associated utilities and sign.

Login to your tenant portal that was emailed/texted to you and ensure all associated fees, rent, and security deposits have been paid PRIOR to your move-in date.

Sometime before your move-in date you will be sent an invite to complete your move-in inspection. Please complete your move-in inspection before the due date.


On the link you are sent to pay online, there is a maintenance tab where all repair requests can be submitted. Always make sure you put your phone number in the work order, just in case it so happens that your number has changed since you moved in and we don’t have the new one. Maintenance will call you to set up an appointment before they come out. If you do not care to be home, you can notate that in the work order and they will go in to make the repair.


Our office handles the winterization and de-winterization of the sprinklers. Do not winterize or de-winterize the sprinklers unless you have permission in writing from our office.

Move-out Checklist

Approximately 2 weeks before move out:

  • Contact all your utility companies to transfer or cancel services. Electric must remain in your name until the date keys are returned to our office. Do not forget to transfer cable, internet or other related services.
  • Provide the post office with a forwarding address, you can do this online at

Approximately 2 days before move out:

  • Remove all personal belongings at least 2 days BEFORE your lease expires to allow enough time for cleaning.
  • Clean your unit. Start this well in advance. Since keys are due by noon, do not wait until the day the lease expires. Please review the cleaning check list (this will be emailed to you with your move-out packet) to ensure nothing has been missed.
  • Remember, the carpets will be professionally cleaned at move out as per your Lease. Do not do this yourself. However, you must vacuum to remove any/all debris or additional charges may apply.
  • Do not leave any non-household furniture at the dumpster. You must schedule to dispose of these at a proper location.
  • Make sure these items are replaced or cleaned well before you leave to avoid these simple charges:
    Burned out light bulbs – if ceilings are too high to replace, leave new bulbs on the kitchen counter.Non-conforming (not similar) light bulbs (all bulbs must be of similar type and 65 watts or less).
    Missing or dead smoke detector batteries – if ceilings are too high to replace, leave new batteries on the kitchen counter.
    Drip pans (if you replace, they MUST be the proper size)


  • You must vacate the property no later than 12 noon on the day your lease expires or the otherwise noted date you intend to vacate the property. Please notify us via email or SMS messaging @ 251-333-0909 when you are completely moved out. Leave all keys, parking permits, mailbox keys, storage keys, garage door openers, etc. in the kitchen on the counter.
  • An Envy Property Management employee will pull your file and compare all the items you are returning to the original check out sheet. Any discrepancies could result in a charge. For example, if we do not get original keys back, you will be charged based on the settlement charges guide.
  • Once notice of move out has been received, the move out inspection will be performed within 2 business days. It is your responsibility to make sure the property is absolutely clean. The carpet cleaning will be performed after you move out and the cost is deducted from your deposit automatically Please follow the cleaning checklist guideline and also see the attached settlement charges guide that will be sent with your move-out packet. Use the Settlement Charges Guide as a reference to the cost that the tenant takes on if the rental needs additional cleaning. The bulk of tenant charges go towards cleaning the blinds, kitchen area and bathrooms, these are VERY time-consuming.
  • Any refundable and remaining deposit will be sent within 30 days of the end of the lease, per Utah law, to the new forwarding address. We will also send a letter with any description of any charges which were taken out of the account.

Good luck with your move and if you have any questions please let us know if you have any questions.